Sunday, October 08, 2006

Season in Review

What went right?

Jorge Posada was excellent; nobody cared about his option kicking in anymore...Derek Jeter had his best year since 1999...Robinson Cano busted out in a big way...Jason Giambi's revival continued...Melky Cabrera emerged as the team's best defensive player while also hitting pretty well...Cashman orchestrated the brilliant trade for Bobby Abreu...Chien-Ming Wang stepped up...Mike Mussina had his best year since 2003...Scott Proctor filled in a big void in the bullpen...the addition of Johnny Damon (along with Melky) greatly improved the team defense.

What went wrong?

Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield were injured most of the year...Randy Johnson stunk...Shawn Chacon fell apart...Kyle Farnsworth was erratic...the bench was a net zero most of the year...Carl Pavano never pitched...Scott Erickson and Terrence Long actually played in games that counted...the lineup inexplicably bombed the last three games of the year.

Where do they go from here?

The rotation will be remade. Barry Zito, Daisuke Matsuzaka and Jason Schmidt will be discussed to no end...Philip Hughes will be involved somehow...Sheffield is almost assuredly gone...the Alex Rodriguez saga will never go away...Torre should be back assuming Cashman really is in charge.

What will 2007 be like?

The Red Sox have even more problems than the Yankees, and the Blue Jays don't have the horses to compete. Winning the AL East should be very doable, and the postseason will be a crapshoot, as always.


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