Thursday, September 28, 2006

Whoa, whoa, whoa...I have a blog?

Who ever said writing is easy? (That would be Steve Martin.) Well, having ignored my more important writing for far too long, I finally bit the bullet and enrolled in a course. (I had a professor who once told me he still took writing classes because it was the only way he could force himself to actually write. I laughed. Damn.)

So that made me way more productive...and in the process also made me forget I had this little outlet to tend to. Naturally, I return with nothing to write. Postseason baseball will hopefully change that.

Incidentally, why must so many writers be nattering, pretentious twits? There's this one cocksucker unpleasant person who feels the need to go off on a neverending thesis over every tine thing. The similarities between this dude and the preppy from the Harvard bar in Good Will Hunting are striking. Why must people behave like this?


Jeteupthemiddle said...

Gonna finally get started on that screenplay huh?

Anthony said...

It's already started, thank you very much. I'm presently reconfiguring my Act 2 outline. Second acts are tricky.

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