Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Project WANG! Appendix

For those of you interested, here is the list of sinkerballers used in the study, as well as the nonsinking control group:

Doyle Alexander
Pete Alexander
Elden Auker
Steve Barber
Chris Bosio
Nelson Briles
Kevin Brown
Tex Carleton
Dean Chance
Curt Davis
Dick Donovan
Dick Drago
Dock Ellis
Dick Ellsworth
Jeff Fassero
Bob Friend
Mike Garcia
Dave Goltz
Mike Hampton
Bill Hands
Mel Harder
Jim Hearn
Orel Hershiser
Willis Hudlin
Tim Hudson
Ferguson Jenkins
Tommy John
Dennis Lamp
Jon Lieber
Mickey Lolich
Derek Lowe
Lindy McDaniel
John Montefusco
Charles Nagy
Claude Osteen
Claude Passeau
Gary Peters
Andy Pettitte
Rick Reuschel
Kenny Rogers
Steve Rogers
Hal Schumacher
Tom Seaver
Zane Smith
Gerry Staley
Bob Stanley
Dave Stieb
Mel Stottlemyre
Bill Swift
Bob Tewksbury
Bucky Walters
Geoff Zahn

Vic Aldridge
Johnny Antonelli
Jim Barr
Tim Belcher
Bud Black
George Blaeholder
Tommy Bridges
Jim Bunning
Guy Bush
Rip Collins
David Cone
John Denny
Joe Dobson
Al Downing
Bob Feller
Alex Fernandez
Sid Fernandez
Dwight Gooden
Mark Gubicza
Ron Guidry
Pat Hentgen
Randy Johnson
Sad Sam Jones
Jerry Koosman
Mark Langston
Thornton Lee
Ed Lopat
Sal Maglie
Ramon Martinez
Christy Mathewson
Denny Neagle
Don Newcombe
Milt Pappas
Fritz Peterson
Juan Pizarro
Bob Porterfield
Vic Raschi
Preacher Roe
Red Ruffing
Johnny Sain
Rip Sewell
Chris Short
Jeff Suppan
Ralph Terry
Tommy Thomas
Luis Tiant
George Uhle
Johnny Vander Meer
Frank Viola
Bob Welch
David Wells
Woody Williams

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